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We welcome input and ideas from educators.

Please use the navigation on the right side to view each individual right, and post examples of what this looks like in the library or classroom.  Share a story about how this helps transform student learning, and pave the way for 21st century learning in your school.




Learner’s Bill of Rights



The learner has the right to:


  1.  question and be curious.
  2. have personal ideas.
  3. choose how to learn and share understanding.
  4. plan and participate in learning at appropriate levels
  5. grapple with challenging ideas or concepts.
  6. access the information and resources needed.
  7. participate in and contribute to a learning network.
  8. think critically, solve problems and make decisions.
  9. make mistakes and learn from them.
  10. reflect on learning.


The “Learner’s Bill of Rights” is endorsed by CoSLL Fall 2008.


The Learner’s Bill of Rights committee:

Chair: Jody Gehrig, Director of Libraries, Denver Public Schools, Denver, Colorado

Mary Beth Bazzanella, ET/IL Specialist, Jefferson County Public Schools, Golden, Colorado

Cheri Hilton, Teacher Librarian, South High School, Denver Public Schools, Denver, Colorado

Nance Nassar, School Library Senior Consultant, CO Department of Education, State Library, Denver, Colorado

Carol Peterson, Educational Technologist-ITC, Poudre School District, Fort Collins, Colorado

Nancy White, ET-IL Information Literacy Specialist, Academy 20 School District, Colorado Springs, Colorado



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